The Tom Baker theme

The TARDIS has many desktop themes, the Curator's can travel in two themes. This one is the Tom Baker console, as seen on "Doctor Who" from 1975 to 1983. A popular theme which has seen Doctor Who actors from Peter Davison to Christopher Biggins take the helm.

The Original theme

Originally funded through a Kickstarter this theme is almost finished - as you can see, the rotor nears completion while the base and panels need only the last few modifications. This theme premiered at Bedford Who Charity Con in October 2021.


2023 saw the completion of another addition to the Curator's event armoury in the shape of the TV Movie TARDIS. Affectionally named "Holly", this exterior prop is full size measuring 10ft by 4ft, has a 'cubby hole above the P', fully lit signs and windows and unfortunately for some, doesn't roll around on wheels. The box made its debut at the Madame Whosauds event in April 2023.

The Black Archive

Here are some eye-witness accounts of the Curator's TARDIS as it travels the universe. More can be found on Instagram and Facebook.


Materialising near you in 2024

Date Event Location
4 August Striking Events Northampton
11 August Skegness Comic Con Skegness
17 November Striking Events Leicester
24 November Creed Conventions Reading

Press Kit

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